Globally ~ We are passionate about empowering women to take charge of their life and self defense with a comprehensive approach of Mind, Body and Attitude!  Get your M.B.A. here! You’ve got this, girl!

Personally ~ Lynn Sherwood is at the Helm of HCW.  She walks-the-walk of the integrated approach to life with mind, body and attitude with grueling early morning workouts with her coaches and CrossFit cheerleaders, scheduled practical shooting and self-defense drills, and wearing an air of peaceful purpose, empowered living and resourseful mindset.

Locally ~ We encourage you to participate in a variety of serious defensive shooting courses and Entertainment Shooting Experiences in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and beyond with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience (which Lynn and her husband own and operate as the pioneers of Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experiences) and courses offered for shooters and instructors nationwide through High Caliber Women.

Lynn Sherwood, Founder of High Caliber Women

Lynn Sherwood, Founder of High Caliber Women


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