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CWC Introduction to Rifle & Pistol Shooting!

High Caliber Women founder Lynn Sherwood is thrilled to team with Central Wyoming College to provide shooting instruction for women.  

Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College

Maximum of 12 students

$150 all inclusive

Lynn Sherwood and her team of world class instructors offer a Jackson Hole favorite, Introduction to Rifle & Pistol Shooting!  This class is perfect for those that have never touched a gun or for shooters that would enjoy a refresher.

The first evening will be in the classroom at CWC.  Firearms nomenclature, safety, how to shoot and more will be discussed.  The following and more questions will be answered.  What is the difference between a revolver and a semi-auto pistol?  What is the difference between a rifle and a pistol, and which would be best for long range shooting?  Is a cartridge the same things as a bullet?  How should I grip a gun when shooting?  How do I safely secure a gun at home?  If I find a gun that is not mine, how do I handle and unload it safely?

Day 2 is fun day at the range!  Using what we learned the evening before, we will shoot many rifles and pistols, beginning with those having very slight recoil, and working up to larger calibers as each student desires.  You will have the opportunity to shoot pistols as large as the Desert Eagle 50 caliber and rifles at distances out to 500 yards!  You might not leave as an expert, but you will be splendidly competent and comfortable around guns.