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First Time Hunter High Caliber Woman Lynn Sherwood

High Caliber Huntress ~ WILL HUNT FOR FOOD. Part 2: just kill it for me??

WILL HUNT FOR FOOD ~  High Caliber Huntress, Part 2

Meat…..     I love meat…….

Bacon, chicken, burger, steak, chops.  Lamb, elk, pigs, feathered friends, you name it…  Bring it on.

But kill it for me….

first time hunter

First time High Caliber Huntress reconciles whether to take the shot – or not…

Preparing for my big hunt (with Benelli and StillWaterOutfitters) this weekend, I’m still reconciling that I will be killing my dinner myself.

Why is this so different than buying a dead chicken at the grocery store?

I’ve eaten a dead pig’s eyeballs, the deep fried legs of frogs, entire fishies staring at me from a plate, and crickets, snails and snake when I’ve needed a protein boost or a challenge.

I’ve strolled the streets of Paris, handpicking which freshly hung chickens would be the piece de resistance in my coq au vin, and have plucked their every feather, one by one….

I’ve burried pigs in the ground, covered with banana leaves, and smothered them in smoke as they roasted to a delightful perfection for my tongue….  Surely grossing out the vegetarians amongst us, I’ve downed raw fish, uncooked meats, and itty-bitty insect critters in Turkey, Guatemala and Peru,.

Devouring every bit of information gleaned from #ChadBelding, the OutdoorChannel, and TheFowlLife in the two weeks since I won my hunt of a lifetime, I’m confident.

I’m confident that I either WILL ~ or WILL NOT ~ be able to take the shot, and kill my dinner myself. 🙂

I have a feeling that with my (sometimes overly) analytical brain, things will become technical quickly:  How and when do I call?  At what point in their flight pattern do I mount my shotgun?  Where will other shooters be in relationship, to maintain a safe field?  Where is the sweet spot for the most ethical, single shot to be placed?  How do I dress, and ultimately cook, my goose?

As a first-time huntress with anxiety about THE SHOT (read more here), thanks to tremendous support from Team Benelli and you fabulous readers, I’ve been so encouraged that the decision of whether or not to make the shot is still always, truly and personally, mine.

“It’s about conservation ~ Let’s investigate how the land and the circle of life would be different with and without management?”

“It’s about the hunt, which is different than the kill shot.”

“The animal lives on within you.  Have gratitude for your provisions.”

“Oh, the nutritional benefits of not having all that artificial CRAP in your body!!”

“You always remember your first time…”

I get it, I GET it.  …and my biggest challenge remains emotional:

*What did this animal ever do to harm me?  How is this mutually beneficial?

*He is sooooo beautiful!  And his sister hangs out repeatedly in our back yard in Wyoming…..

*Yes, i hear you – I’m rockin’ the camo….. what does this look like in real life?  In a blind?  In a scenario of any kind?  Will I really be able to look down the rib of this shotgun at this beautiful animal ~ and actually press the trigger?

~ Lynn Sherwood donning Banded camo ~  May have to ditch the pink muffs this weekend...  :)

~ Lynn Sherwood donning Banded camo ~
May have to ditch the pink muffs this weekend… 🙂

Decked out in my new, ridiculously warm Banded camo gear in my cozy living room tonight, I continue to prepare with a variety of educational tools, whilst pondering:  “Why has it always been more palatable to have someone else to kill my dinner for me?”

Will I ACTUALLY hunt for food??  Hmmmm…. Stay tuned?!

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Lynn Sherwood overcame a lifelong fear of guns as a late blooming adult, realizing it was the bad guy behind the gun she was ACTUALLY afraid of…  She and her husband, Shepard Humphries, own the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and High Caliber Women, and they enjoy sharing their passion for safe, educational and fun shooting sports.  Lynn is a first time huntress and faces her fears ~ AGAIN….