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Lynn Sherwood


Each time I consciously focus on positively engaging my mind, body or spirit, I learn more about myself in some way. With physical activity I learn to break through what could have been limits, I learn to center my thoughts toward myself instead of taking care of the rest of the world even if for just moments, I learn that I AM enough and amazing just the way I am, and I’m grateful to not be on the couch anymore, perpetuating my personal former (vicious!) cycle of hurt – can’t move – eat – hurt – can’t move – eat….

This article touches on this head/body connection to the amazing women we ARE whilst breaking down a mindset that we SHOULD look, act and ‘be’ a certain way for the benefit of others. Do you identify with the author’s sentiments in any way? How have you broken through this mental ‘ah-hah’ moment? If you haven’t ~ how can your friends here on HCW help you? You are worth it!

I truly believe in the the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection emphasis of High Caliber Women for living a more joy-filled and balanced, well-rounded life for the shooting enthusiast and any woman with a passion for ANYthing. CrossFit is my personal favorite way du jour to center my head/body… WHAT’S YOURS?! ~Lynn Sherwood

Megan ClementsOn Being Strong: How CrossFit Ended My War With My Body

by Megan Clements




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My beginnings …

Lynn Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Lynn Jackson Hole, Wyoming

OK. OK. OK…. So I had a 22+ year fear of guns. (When I say ‘fear’, I don’t mean fear, I mean “FEEEAR!!!”) Several years ago, I figured out that it wasn’t the GUN that I was afraid of; it was the bad guy BEHIND the gun.

Armed with this realization and a desire to work through that debilitating fear, I took a Basic Pistol Class. Some of you know that I’m fairly OCD so I had to know everything about the gun, the parts of the ammunition, how it all worked together. That was the easy part. Six hours later I was on the range in Jackson Hole, trembling. I might have peed in my pants had anything in my brain or body been able to work right. Time seemed to stop. The world might have still kept spinning; I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t see straight.

Bang! Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh. I just did that. I pressed the trigger gently back toward my nose. AND I DIDN’T DIE! Whooot! …And hmmm, there was this little adrenaline rush and I wanted to do it again.

BANG! Ohmygosh, ohmygosh ~ I didn’t die that time either! And there were two holes – two little tiny stinkin’ holes in a blank piece of paper just next to each other. Let’s do that again!

BANG! Bang Bang. Bang Bang. Ooooooooooh yeah!!

Turning my head to my fellow shooters (making sure they were still alive too), I saw my sixty year old neighbor who’d been shooting all his life eye my target with envy. OH YEAH! I can do this. I WANT to do this. And I want to teach OTHERS how to do this!

Lynn now loves to shoot ~ and empowering others is her passion!

Lynn now loves to shoot ~ and empowering others is her passion!

In the years since, I’ve become and NRA certified instructor for teaching pistol, shotgun and rifle skills as well as their non-firearms course, Refuse to be a Victim.  My husband, Shepard Humphries, and I own and operate the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, a premier shooting insruction and Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experience venue for travelers and corporate groups as a destination event as well as those wanting to really hone in on their defensive shooting skills.  My primary passion is working with women, youth and families to share the fun of the shooting sports and helping to empower people with a comprehensive approach to life and self defense with a mind-body-attitude connection ~ and thus was born High Caliber Women.  We’ve got this, girls!

Let’s Shoot! 

Lynn  😉

Lynn Sherwood teaching student with Desert Eagle .50 AE

Lynn Sherwood teaching student with Desert Eagle .50 AE

Lynn Sherwood is the founder of High Caliber Women and is co-owner and hands-on instructor with the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience.  She spends her time teaching people to shoot defensively and for fun and enjoys working out in the wee hours of the morning to the grueling demands of her coaches.  She ‘walks the walk’ of a comprehensive approach to life and self defense with a mind-body-attitude connection.  Lynn lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her husband Shepard Humphries and her puppy Remington.

Thanks to our organization’s photographer, Mellor Photography!

Mellor Photography

Mellor Photography

Our company utilizes an excellent photographer based in Lincoln Nebraska that specializes in firearms related photography.  We wanted to take a moment to recommend his work.

Mr. Mellow is also a full-time attorney, and is a passionate shooting enthusiest.  When we submit a request to him, we are amazed at how fast he coordinates with his talent, photographs them and then provides us with high quality images.

We are grateful to Mellor Photography for indeed providing excellent services for us, they are truly a different kind of photography!