GO FOR THE UTERUS of your female attacker!  Stacy Paxton weighs in…

Supine POVhttp://monderno.com/training/center-mass-three-dimensional-world/ (What IS center mass anyway?  Consider your shot placement relative to center mass of the exposed areas…. Great article by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and Monderno.  Worth the read!!)


After we shared this article yesterday (Thank you to Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and Monderno) about shot placement and center mass being relative to the exposed area, fan Stacy Paxton wrote in with her insights 

Stacy is an avid supporter of self defense education, AWARE (Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment) liaison, daughter of a physician mom who taught Stacy young how to proactively avoid dangerous situations and shoot defensively, and is certainly a High Caliber Woman herself.

“Shot placement is one of the most talked (& most argued) about subjects, amongst defensive shooters.

We – as women – were left out of the equation (as usual), both as defensive shooters AND as attackers. In order to immobilize an attacker, the pelvis has to be broken in two places. Most handgun ammo lacks the power to break it in one place (let alone two!) & many attempts to do so have ended with disastrous results for the defensive shooter. The pelvic bone structure is the last place I’d aim on a man.

On the other hand, the lower central pelvic region is the first place I’d aim on a female attacker, with emphasis on the uterus. The uterus is a blood laden organ & any hit there will get a female attacker well on her way to hypovolemic shock. You don’t even have to get a direct hit. Any hit within two or three inches will likely strike with enough energy to cause multiple ruptures of the uterus & induce the same effect. Furthermore, our ovaries are every bit as sensitive as a man’s testicles & any hit(s) in that area will make her ovaries register a degree of pain far beyond what she could begin to withstand. I’m talking off the charts pain that would make childbirth look like a walk in the park by comparison! It’s pretty hard to continue an attack when they’re curled-up in a fetal ball & writhing in agony. Thus, I’d expect faster neutralization with such a shot, than with shots to her chest (although, I’d certainly keep her chest in mind for follow-up shots)!

Consider your shot placement

Consider your shot placement

I’m sharing not only to make reveal this as an excellent neutralization zone in female attackers, but to remind every woman reading this of our own vulnerabilities in that area. I’ll grant you that most violent street criminals are men. But, about ten percent are other women & they strongly prefer female victims. That’s because – as a group – we’re smaller than men, less skilled in fighting (present company excepted) & less likely to resist.

Far too many women are completely oblivious to the existence of violent female criminals &, sadly, many have paid the ultimate price because of it! Keep that in mind & be safe, sisters – because it’s quite possible that not every woman you encounter will have sisterly intentions towards you! 😉 ” – Stacy Paxton

Stacy, we appreciate your passion for educating women.  THANK YOU for your involvement and care to make a difference in the lives of women!

Lynn Sherwood-Humphries

Lynn Sherwood-Humphries founded High Caliber Women with the goal to empower women to take charge of their lives and personal defense with a comprehensive approach in mind, mody and attitude.  She walks-walks-the-walk herself in this goal and sometimes succeeds at feeling well-rounded through the excitement and challenges that life throws her way.  Lynn is a shooting instructor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and appreciates the opportunity to empower women accross the board to be their own best bodyguard and friend.

Get involved ~ it’s your life and you’re worth it!


3 thoughts on “GO FOR THE UTERUS?

  1. Keri Gadt

    Hypothetically, I think if you drilled me through both boobs destroying my lungs and put a third round through my heart, I’d still be able to shoot back and hit you several times on my way down. I don’t give up easily. On the other hand, I’m sure I’d be toast and out of commission before I even hit the ground if I took one shot like what Stacy described! I’m guessing she advises shooting until the threat is stopped. Anyway, this is exactly the kind of all inclusive training so many women are looking for and not getting from male instructors.

  2. Steve

    Wow totally flawed thought. Please tell us how large the actual uterus is Stacy?

    Having had many trauma Doc’s and surgeons in classes over the last 15 years. If that’s your primary frame of reference for doing work, your 100% wrong. Unless it’s the only spot visible to shoot. On an average woman’s uterus is no larger than there heart and contains less blood and function As well to answer the question I asked you the average size uterus is about that of a pear in a non pregnant woman

    And don’t lump all male instructors into one group. I think it best if Stacy gets some real training and stop telling fairy tales to her students before she gets them killed

  3. 1032solutions

    As a male instructor and 20-year LE vet, the reason I am not teaching a method such as this is that when it comes to terminal ballistics, there is not only no medical studies that confirm that this is a good idea, but the information relayed is subject to numerous suppositions that just isn’t supported by facts at this time. I’m only going to instruct in what we know, not what we think maybe could might be. I also know that training time is valuable, and you are taking that valuable time to train for a technique that is only useable for a few people, taking the additional time to have to distinguish that not only is the threat a threat, but determine the threat is a female, further slowing the mental processes of your response (Boyd’s Law.) Pelvic shots, by their very nature are difficult to make work, whether or not they are male or female. While I applaud Paxton’s efforts to promote defensive mindsets and tactics to get females involved in self defense, she received bad information unfortunately that she is currently passing on as dogma. It’s not a difference between male or female instruction.


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