Unarmed Personal Defense for Ladies

Unarmed Personal Defense for Ladies

Ladies-Only | Unarmed Personal Defense

  •  March 8, 2015 – Sunday
  • 9am to noon 
  • $60 
  • Jackson Hole Gun Club Shooter Education Building
  • Class minimum 4, class maximum 12

Mind, Body, Attitude ~ The crux of the High Caliber Woman!

Who’s watching you when you sit in your car at the grocery store texting your kids that you’re on your way home?  Will your shoe’s heels carry you as you flee an attacker?  How do you escape a choke-hold?  What does you body language tell your attacker, and what does his tell you?  Is there any situation where you will surrender, move toward your attacker, or flee? 

Shepard Humphries & Terry Vaughan will present an entertaining and educational class on having the proper mindset, trusting your instincts, basic defensive moves, reading body language and much more.  We believe that every woman between 13 and 107 should attend this or similar training frequently.  This class will not guarantee that you will never be raped, beaten or groped, but it will GREATLY improve your odds of avoiding and surviving attacks.

Hone your alertness and response levels to train your brain and body for a close quarters, unarmed battle.  You’re worth it!

Our unique training style allows students of all skill levels to be challenged in a safe manner.  We keep small class sizes and low instructor:student ratios so that each student will receive individual attention.  

You will NOT feel “left behind” or confused if your skills are rusty.

If you are sharp, athletic and the best martial artist in Wyoming; we will none-the-less make this class challenging and you will improve your skills!

To register, click HERE!

Registration closes March 5th @5pm | Class minimum 4 | Class limit  10

Women's self defense

Women’s self defense class in Jackson Hole, WY


One thought on “Unarmed Personal Defense for Ladies

  1. DeeDee Sorsby

    Good for you!! I took your gun course I think it was Oct,2014 & you do a good job – I am down in AZ. right now and just taught a woman’s self defense session to my resort women which went over VERY well – good for Jackson Hole to have one!! I am a 1st black in Jackson’s Wyoming Karate Club & have also continued down here in the SeiyoNoShorin-RyuKarateKobudoKai in Mesa- Again, your courses are very important – Good Luck!


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