Carbine AR 15 Training in Wyoming

Ladies-Only Defensive Pistol and Carbine Skill Development Workshop

Ladies-Only Defensive Pistol and Carbine Skill Development Workshop

  • June 21, 2015 – Sunday
    • 9am to 12:30pm Pistol
    • 1pm to 4:30pm Carbine
  • $95 each or 180 for both – Including ammunition!
  • Loaner guns & gear available – contact us for more information
  • Jackson Hole Gun Club Shooting Range

Handgun skills in the morning, and carbine (AR-15 style defense rifles) in the afternoon ~ what’s your pleasure?  Have experience in one shooting discipline but not the other? The novice and experienced shooter will hone your shooting skills within one or both shooting disciplines, challenge your mindset, and train your mind, body and attitude for the defensive mindset necessary to survive!

Our unique training style allows shooters of all skill levels to be challenged in a safe manner.  We keep small class sizes and low instructor:student ratios so that each student will receive individual attention.  We don’t line all students up and expect those with different skill levels to perform the same drills.  That traditional style leaves some feeling overwhelmed and others feel bored.

  • You will NOT feel “left behind” or confused if your skills are rusty.
  • If you are sharp, athletic and the best shooter at the range; we will none-the-less make this class challenging and you will improve your pistol shooting skills!

To register, click HERE!

Registration closes June 18th @5pm | Class minimum 4 | Class limit 10


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