“Smart Guns” with fingerprint readers- A good idea or a disaster waiting to happen?

First let me just say this- gun safety is no laughing matter.  It was the first thing I was taught as a child.  So in theory I do like the idea of fingerprint readers on guns.

A "smart gun"?

A “smart gun”?

It would bring me peace of mind to know that if my little niece found my gun, she couldn’t accidentally discharge it.  It would also be tremendously useful if someone were to get my gun away from me in an attack.  That being said, there are quite a few questions I have about these fingerprint readers.  What are the odds of me getting my fingers on the readers just right in a stressful situation?  What are the odds of the gun and my hands always being clean enough to read my fingerprints?  What happens if the reader gets bumped or scratched?  What happens if there is a software glitch that prevents my fingerprints from being processed in a timely manner?  To me, it seems like these guns are being designed by people who haven’t even given a thought to self-defense.  It’s all well and good out on the range in a controlled situation, but since most ‘gunfights’ take place at a distance of four to seven feet, milliseconds count, and I think the fingerprint reader could slow you down just enough to cost you your life.  There’s a great article about the problems associated with fingerprint readers here:



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