Choose Your  Weapons Wisely

Choose Your
Weapons Wisely


Shepard Humphries, owner and principal instructor with Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, shares his take HERE.

Where’s your MINDSET, ladies?  What tools do YOU have at your disposal to SAVE YOUR LIFE?  Visualize and practice, practice, practice BEFORE you may be in a situation when you need them!


Lynn Sherwood, CEO of High Caliber Women, is passionate about sharing information which could help you save your life.  Mind, Body, Attitude ~ Get your M.B.A. here.


*Check out Self Reliance Works also for a myriad of  insights:

“Self-reliance helps make for a good life…

Create your own sense of well-being through achievement and self-direction. Learn how others have created enhanced value in their lives by focusing on self-reliance and meaningful interdependence with others who aspire to live a life of their own choosing.”





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