Lynn Sherwood, CEO High Caliber Women and Jackson Hole Shooting Experience ~ Femme Fatale Corset Holster

Lynn Sherwood, CEO High Caliber Women and Jackson Hole Shooting Experience ~ Review of: Femme Fatale Corset Holster

Check out my gear review on for the Femme Fatale Corset Holster, my new favorite thing! -Lynn


I’m catching flak that ‘holsters shouldn’t be about comfort, a fashion statement or feeling pretty’.  I found this holster after trying for THREE YEARS to find the right holster which didn’t make me look pregnant, feel as though I walked like a duck, or make it ridiculously obvious that I was carrying.  I’d estimate 92+% of our female pistol students are also NOT carrying even after getting their CCW permit, directly because they also have not found a good option as women.

My take:  A) It doesn’t do anybody any good sitting in a drawer or in a holster at home on the counter because a woman’s not wearing it…. B) Practice, practice, practice with any holster/firearm you’ll actually use.  We ‘’sink to the level of our training”. (– B. Harnish and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman)

Lynn 1 - carrying Sig P938 with Femme Fatale Holster - 3-14

Lynn - Front view drawing - FFH - unsnapping shirt to draw

Lynn - front view FFH - pulling up shirt to clear and draw





Lovin’ my holster and am finally able, willing and comfortable carrying 100% of the time (where permitted) ~ Priceless.

Lynn Sherwood, CEO

Lynn Sherwood is founder and CEO of High Caliber Women and has a passion for teaching women, youth and families with a comprehensive approach in Mind, Body and Attitude.  As a CRSO and NRA Instructor in Basic Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Refuse to be a Victim, she and her husband, Shepard Humphries, lead a team of 16 skilled instructors providing Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experiences and Private Shooting Instruction in Jackson Hole, Wyoming through HCW and the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience



  1. Donna

    Lynn, you are absolutely correct in that women have no desire to carry a gun if they are uncomfortable or have to change their wardrobe. I talk to hundreds of women every month and they repeatedly tell me those are their two main reasons for not carrying daily (even though they have their CHL permits). As the designer of the corset holster, I have a few answers for the skeptics.
    Yes, it’s true, as women, we like lace and the lingerie look of the holster. We relate to it. However, there’s a little more to it than that. The bra hooks are more secure than velcro, which will lose it’s “stickiness” over time. The lace covers the whole holster & acts as a form of camouflage. No one thinks a thing about seeing a piece of lace under a woman’s clothing. It certainly doesn’t scream, “I am armed”. The elastic for the pocket and torso band is wide & sturdy, moreso than a lot of traditional belly bands. This ensures that the gun is held firmly in place.
    The corset holster is a real solution that allows women to comfortably, securely and discreetly carry a gun all the time.


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