Lauren and Lynn ~ Training and Thanksgiving Fun

Lauren and Lynn ~ Training and Playing!

Teaching a young lady to shoot ~ now THAT’s time well spent!

I so appreciate THIS ARTICLE by Women’s Outdoor News’ author Marti Davis!  With emphasis on safety, she coaches her niece regarding the shooting FUNdamentals in age appropriate words and style, listens to her questions, shows by example, and positively engages her in the field to create a uniquely memorable event for both of them.  Go girls!

I challenge you to make the moments to teach a young lady to shoot.  …Or to reach out to someone else who might mentor your niece, daughter or granddaughter.  In addition to creating memories for both of you which will last a lifetime, you’ll help boost her self confidence, foster grins from ear to ear upon her successes, see her true grit shine though when she has some challenges, and she may even catch the bug to continue training and spending time with you when she returns home as an adult…


(Lynn and Lauren on the range with some .22 fun over Thanksgiving Break 2013)


Stay safe, share great habits and have fun together, friends!

Lynn Sherwood-Humphries

Lynn Sherwood-Humphries had a 22+ year fear of guns, and when she learned it wasn’t the gun she was afraid of – that it was the bad guy behind the gun – she developed the passion to teach others in a uniquely welcoming, fun and educational manner.  Lynn is now an NRA Instructor for Basic Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Refuse to be a Victim, is a CRSO, and owns and operates the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and High Caliber Women in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her husband and team of 16 amazing coaches.  …And when her adult daughter comes home, eager to spend time together on the range, she’s one happy camper indeed.



  1. SGT James Allen

    Way to go ladies. You are doing a great thing for the young ladies of America. Don’t let anyone tell you differently


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