Lynn Sherwood


Each time I consciously focus on positively engaging my mind, body or spirit, I learn more about myself in some way. With physical activity I learn to break through what could have been limits, I learn to center my thoughts toward myself instead of taking care of the rest of the world even if for just moments, I learn that I AM enough and amazing just the way I am, and I’m grateful to not be on the couch anymore, perpetuating my personal former (vicious!) cycle of hurt – can’t move – eat – hurt – can’t move – eat….

This article touches on this head/body connection to the amazing women we ARE whilst breaking down a mindset that we SHOULD look, act and ‘be’ a certain way for the benefit of others. Do you identify with the author’s sentiments in any way? How have you broken through this mental ‘ah-hah’ moment? If you haven’t ~ how can your friends here on HCW help you? You are worth it!

I truly believe in the the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection emphasis of High Caliber Women for living a more joy-filled and balanced, well-rounded life for the shooting enthusiast and any woman with a passion for ANYthing. CrossFit is my personal favorite way du jour to center my head/body… WHAT’S YOURS?! ~Lynn Sherwood

Megan ClementsOn Being Strong: How CrossFit Ended My War With My Body

by Megan Clements




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